Whytespace, a void for creation.

Whytespace came about from a love for attending local and overseas pop-ups and boutique markets. Through interacting with local artists and creators, their struggles in maintaining their eco-system of creating and managing businesses, made it difficult to consider pop-ups due to deterring factors such as manpower and set-up cost. This also included suitability of the spaces that would complement their brand and creation.

The idea of having a void for creation – simply means a blank canvas or space, where there is freedom to decide however you want to do on a clean slate. Hence, Whytespace was born to be avenue or platform that would be for local artists, creators & curators to meet, educate and advocate for causes of concern in the local arena. Beyond physical pop-ups, the greater dream for Whytespace would be a space and voice that caters to the everchanging retail climate.

We are starting small amidst an ongoing pandemic and challenging market. But we hope the support from the local artists will be an encouragement to all during these unprecedented times.

We hope you will show up and share your love at our one of a kind retail art gallery experience.

For any enquiries, do reach out to us at marketing@whytespace.co.