Woofy Goofy Fried Chicken Crinkle Plush
Woofy Goofy Fried Chicken Crinkle Plush
Woofy Goofy Fried Chicken Crinkle Plush

Woofy Goofy Fried Chicken Crinkle Plush

Woofy Goofy
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Woofy Goofy is bringing Taiwanese street food to your pup this summer! How can you not love a large crispy slab of fried chicken when you are visiting Taiwan? To enhance this further, add your pup’s favourite treats in the back pocket for some extra fun!

Toy features:

  • Non stuffing plush
  • Crinkle sound that mimics the crispy crunch of the fired chicken
  • It is squeaky fun
  • Opened back pocket that allows you to hide treats in it.
  • All seams are double-stitched and reinforced for long-lasting play

Benefits of Snuffle Toy:

  • Encourages dog’s natural instinct for sniffing and foraging
  • Great as a calming activity for stressed or anxious dogs
  • Useful as a distraction activity for dogs who suffer separation anxiety
  • slows down pets that gobble down their food
  • Low-impact activity for dogs with limited mobility

Machine Washable; however it is advisable to place inside a laundry bag and air dry.

Material: Soft Crystal Velvet Fabric

Measurement: 21cm x 11cm x 2cm

Do note that no Toys are indestructible, do supervise your pup during play.


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