Join As A Brand

Welcome to Whytespace, makers.

Whytespace is a curated art-like gallery that brings boutique online retailers together for a feature showcase without superfluous distractions. A clean white expanse to help the budding young designers/artists/retailers and established online brands to showcase products without the pressure of having a physical store.

This application is currently open to local brands.

Upon receiving a brand application, we will be in touch to complete the application process.

We do have a strict curation process particularly to our theme, Gifting Edition but do not let this dishearten you.


Join as a brand by reaching out to us at

Do have the following stated in your email application:

  • Brand description & Category of your products
  • Images of your products to showcase preferably interesting and creative products
  • Website & Social Media accounts



1. How many products are we able to list in the event?

You can list up to 10 products, limiting to 3 quantities per design

2. How is the marketing done for this event?

We are affiliated to a social media agency &Whyte and all marketing collaterals will be handled by them.

3. How will my products be displayed in the Gallery?

For VM, we curate it along with other products and it will be spread across the gallery. For each product displayed, there will be a tag of the item name as well as the brand - provided by Whytespace. 

4. What is the rate to join?

It will only be made available to you once we get in touch with you. 

5. Must my business be local to showcase at Whytespace?

Life has been particularly tough in 2020. We hope to help the local businesses as much as possible in tiding them through.

For any enquiries, do reach out to us at