Past Events

Whytespace is a boutique event curator uniting creators and curators for thematic showcases. We help brands share their stories, motivations, and inspirations behind each product. As an event partner and ecommerce platform, we enable brands to extend their reach digitally.
A Very Nice Christmas 2023 
'Tis the season to be merry, and we did just that by taking over a ground floor showroom and magically transforming it into a retail wonderland overnight. Featuring over 40 brands and 13 vendors, our event attracted nearly 2,000 visitors over the weekend, setting a new record for the cozy space. With a pet-friendly atmosphere, we ensured that everyone, furry friends included, could find something to delight in—be it shopping, snacking, or sipping—for a truly wonderful Christmas with us. 
Pretty Chill Festival 2022 
Pretty Chill Festival 2022 is a relaxed outdoor event organised by Whytespace. Picture yourself enjoying a sunny day filled with live music, tasty food, and cool art. It's a chill vibe where you can hang out with friends, dance, or just kick back and enjoy the scenery. This festival is all about taking it easy and making unforgettable memories in a laid-back atmosphere.
Neighbourhood Socials 2023 
Experience the warmth and aroma of Brewing Good Times, a collaborative event between Whytespace and a local Singaporean mall. Centered around the theme of coffee, Whytespace curated a community space within the mall, showcasing a diverse array of local brands. Throughout the weekend pop-up, visitors immersed themselves in workshops, enjoyed a bustling media event, and indulged in plenty of shopping opportunities.
Chin Swee Neighbourhood Club
Chin Swee Neighbourhood Club, a unique collaboration between Whytespace and Common Man Coffee Roasters, a beloved local coffee roaster and cafe. The space was magically transformed into a charming retail space, adorned with local art and crafts, creating a haven for creativity and community spirit. Guests were treated to workshops on crafts, coffee and wine. The event was a cozy hangout corner, evoking the nostalgic charm of a classic neighbourhood club.