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Dishwashing Liquid (500ml)
Dishwashing Liquid (500ml)
Dishwashing Liquid (500ml)

Dishwashing Liquid (500ml)

Ringo & Friends
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Ringo Dishwashing Liquid


Delightful, a whole new vibe to dishwashing.

Plant-derived Ingredients


No SLS and Paraben

No Synthetic Fragrance

No Synthetic Dyes

No Animal Testing


How to Use : Pump dishwashing liquid onto a sponge or directly into the water. The amount of dishwashing liquid depends on the number of dishes and stain level. Rinse with water until it’s clean.

Ingredients :

Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (Plant-derived Surfactant)

Alkyl Glucoside (Plant-derived Surfactant)

Mint Extract (Natural Scent)

Aloe Vera (Moisturizer)

Phenoxyethanol (Preservative)


About the Vendor

Some may wonder why household products that we use every day are not tender to the hands and bodies, even causes allergies,  itchiness and dryness. As bad as it could get, you may even wonder that  after rinsing it off, would that have and aftereffect to anyone else? 

From a simple idea to create better choices in daily life, Ringo, a home-use  product that is designed to be more friendly with plant-based ingredients,  no paraben and SLS, and free from harmful chemicals.  

Naturally biodegradable so it doesn’t harm our environment so much,  under a simple, yet elegant appearance, fitting right in into  numerous corners of your home. 

Switch to Ringo and gently live your life a little more friendly to yourself  and to the world at the same time